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Arrow Diveristy in hard drives for music collection

I have spent $10,000's of dollars collecting music over the years and in recent year(s) I have ripped much of it to external hard drives. This allows me to (sometimes) be able to upload music to my music server that drives my multi-room audio system as well as in the zone for my theater.

My concern came when my Lacie drives started ALL failing within the same week. I had three of them and they started making a high pitch "whurr" sound seemingly coming from the Power Supply. Not too long thereafter - they were dead.

Today I am using one remaining Lacie, a Western Digital and another brand of drive that I cant remember the name of. My thought is that the diversity in brands will help me avoid seeing my main drive AND the backup go dead in the same 3 day period ever again. Losing this collection on the hard drive would be hard, if not impossible to replace.

How do you store your music?

Should I get a BIG secondary drive for my office Mac and back things up there?
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