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Default new guy,out of the loop

Hey everyone,new guy here.Since I got my current system up and running to my
(monetary) satisfaction,I kind of got out of the loop of the newest stuff available.I am using a Rotel 1055 reciever as a preamp,and a Rotel 130 watt amp for the 2 front channels,and an older Adcom 5 channel 100 watt for the other 4 channels.Sub is a Dayton Titanic 1000 watt from Parts express.My front lft and rt are a pair of restored JBL L150 towers.
I am starting to think it is upgrade time,and am wanting some opinions on the latest
reciever/processor technology.I am not sure if I want to stay with the lower high end Rotel small company,suposed better sound/quality,or go with one of the more mass market,but higher technology,that only the bigger companys like Denon,etc,has.With probobly a year + edge on the latest high tech audio and video than the smaller companys like Rotel.Or possibly split the difference with something from NAD.
I am going to stay with my front speakers,as they have recently been completly restored,and are about the nicest L150A's I have ever seen,and it would cost a bunch to get something that would sound better.Also I am going to stick with the Titanic,for the cost/thump ratio its hard to beat,I have hit 116 dB at my listening position on a few movies.If anything,I might get 1 more,and stack them.
Thats basically where I am right now,just wanting some opinions/idea's of a direction to go,as I am 4-5 years behind on the latest stuff,I could spend around $2000 or so.I know this is a huge open ended post,just maybe the highlights of things I need to look into,while I start reading every post 5 years old and newer LOL.

Thanks for any help/opinions/direction you guys can point me in while I do my own research


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