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Default Re: Mitsubishi 65" and DVD HD players

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
You could run 1080i either by component or HDMI to DVI-D cables/adaptors. The two cables to the TV (red/white) you refer to are I assume are only so someone can watch and listen to the TV without the use of the receiver, if you always use the receiver, they are unnecessary. If you do not have two DVI connectors on your set, you could add a DVI switcher pretty cheaply..... This would allow you to run digital video to the display, if I am right in my assumption (with no model # I can't be sure, but I think the Mitsu TV you have is a fixed pixel display (non CRT which I suspect it is at three years old) you will benefit from not having the video go from digital (source) to analog (component) into the TV, then back to digital (to display) Just like your computer monitors, you want a digital connection to minimize conversion problems.

Let me know if you want to go this route, I have some lying around not likely to ever see use in my system again.
Could I not run the component from DVD to component in on Driect HDTV Receiver, Then out from Direct HDTV HDMI with DVI adapter to the TV DVI in?
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