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Default Re: Mitsubishi 65" and DVD HD players

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
That should work to the limits of the 1080i your TV does.
Ok, I am confused. I have DVI input on my 1080i HD TV and RGB also. My current DVD player is connected with Component RGB from DVD to the TV Component IN. There is a coaxial from the DVD to my Marantz SR6400 AV Surround Receiver. Them My Direct HDTV Receiver has Both Component and HDMI. The HDMI has a DVI adapter and is in use I assume to the TV DVI IN. But it also has the Component RGB 3 wires plus 2 (red&white) going to the TV. So I guess everything runs through the Direct TV HD Receiver? Do I just swap my current DVD player connections with the new HD DVD player using the same connections? The Direct TV HD does have the HDMI out so maybe that is why all is run through it?
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