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Default Re: Service, above all could save the high end audio industry

Without question - that dealer should be spoken to by Revel and might possibly lose the line. I know the Revel people WELL and they work WAY too hard to see clients treated this way.

As for the watch company - they know customer service. You can take your poop-stained boxer shorts back to Nordstroms and they will give you a refund - without a QUESTION (other than if you could wipe better next time). Their reason is: they KNOW what it cost to earn you as a client and they KNOW they can return the item to the vendor or sell it at an outlet. In the case of dirty underwear, they likely would pay the money for a Biohazard removal before they lost you as a customer. Audio shops couldn't get this through their THICK skulls if it meant do or die and as we see with you - you will simply spend your money in other places.

Audiophile dealers SHOULD go out of business for the most part. Audiophile gear in the world of luxury goods is better sold as part of an integrated system. The problem is: audiophile dealers are SO ABSOLUTE in their OLD, SNOBBY ideas that they would rather go belly-up than get modern. Seriously, you offer a guy $1000 for a turntable that he is getting $0.10 on the dollar for - why wouldn't he just put the money in his pocket OR take it to pay his debts? Idiots.

In the end, the users of this forum REALLY need to think about who they do business with. Support, system design, system calibration and return policy means a LOT. Like 10 to 15% more in the overall price.
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