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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

"During the Clinton admin we had a budget surplus. Now we are mired in debt. The world respected us and we were working towards Middle East peace. Now we are hated everywhere ESPECIALLY in the Middle East"

I respectfully submit that this is some of the biggest hogwash I've ever read. Not only did the world not respect us, they didn't even fear us any longer. The first WTC attacked occured shortly after Clinton took be followed by numerous attacks on American interests around the world. From American bases in Khobar and Ryadh to American Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, to the USS Cole, etc...the US was under attack constantly throughout the 1990s.

What made this more disturbing was that Clinton was in full appeasement mode, meeting on numerous occasions with Arafat to discuss Israel's land concessions; ironically, while all this peace was being planned, the plans for 911 were in their infancy. We were never close to Mid East peace because there are those who just didn't want it. The fact that Arafat refused Barak, Clinton and Israel's concessions more than reveals this fraud for what it was.

Peace/respect my *ss; we were never as close to WWIII as we were during the Balkan conflicts, were you had two incidents that almost led to direct confrontations with the Russians (one at Pristine and another on the open seas). From the "accidental" bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade to the destruction of Sudan's largest pharmaceutical plant in Al-Shifa, the US wasn't winning new friends and influencing people.

On the contrary, unlike the daily barrage of anti-American tripe that our media imports from overseas to bash Bush and America, there was practically a blackout of international opinion during the 1990s. After Clinton's bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan, the Mid-East was furious, siting the similarities to Wag The Dog. In fact, it was shortly after this that Bin Laden again, called for the murder of Americans, wherever they may be. Some even believe this was impetus for 911.

As much as people despise this war, Clinton was one of the original architects of the policy to remove Saddam from power. Besides Clinton's own 3-4 military strikes against Iraq, he helped author the Iraq Liberation Act. Yes, peace and respect for America was all over place; In the Phillipines and especially Indonesia, hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims were being executed. And who can forget that wonderful humanitarian effort in Rwanda and the one we abandoned in Somlia. Peace isn't just the absence of conflict; respect is earned. Just ask those European leaders--especially those in Germany and France who no longer lead their country.

I don't even want to get into economics if your understanding of it is as bad as your concepts on foreign affairs; other than to say when you look what has happened to this country in the last near-decade, it is amazing we are in as good shape as we are. Between the corporate scandals and bankruptcies, 9/11, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Katrina and any number of hurricanes and natural disasters that have devastated this country, we've held up rather well...despite the drunken sailors in congress.
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