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Default Re: Mitsubishi 65" and DVD HD players

Originally Posted by TracyRainH2o View Post
Ken you can use the 1080i component input on your Mits. HD DVD looks look great from any of the current HD DVD players. If you do not have a 1080p display, go with a Toshiba A2 for around $198. The A3 may load a bit faster but the sweet deals are on the A2.

As for upconversion, that will not be possible unless you have a HDMI input. For upconversion you could always look into an Oppo player. They are pretty cheap as well.
I was told upconversion would be ok with the HDMI to DVI adapter? My HD TV has DVI in. Is that not true? I just purchased the Toshiba HD A3 today from Sears. I won't open the box if it will not upconvert. I wan the best I can get for playing DVDs and if it doesn't upconvert, I don't want it.
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