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Default Re: DirecTV nightmare continues - Do I need a new dish?

Alright. But that is in Westchester. other markets have more. But, I see your into quantity of channels, as opposed to the channels you most want to watch. Cool. You got to do whats best for you.
But, DirecTV to me, as I mentioned in another thread is over priced, service is not the best, they charge for HIgh Definition service, the boxes are wildly expensive, and unreliable. This has been my experience in the field Jerry.
Let me make this clear, I have no allegiance to either company. But it seems to me, that DirecTV is a rip off for what they provide. The only thing, and i mean the ONLY thing that is barely keeping them a float here, is NFL TICKET. I`ve had customers tell me, if it was not for that, they would switch immediately. And most of those customers are the ones with the family package, no HD, and maybe one or two premium channels.
But when i hit a family that needs 3 HD boxes at 200.00 each, they`ll switch.
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