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Default Re: New Burmeister CD player

Trade shows are tough.

Days and days on your feet answering the same questions over and over.Dealers BLOWING sunshine up your ass. With HE07 - consumers can do the same. At some point you get like "just show me the money" but you MUST take the Sting approach to a performance at a trade show. Sting is famous for saying "I try to play Roxanne as if it is my favorite song - every night" It easier said than done but you are ONLY as good as your last presentation.

Personally, I don't EVER do the last day of a show. Sunday at CEDIA - I am back in LA. The last day of CES - forget it - I am HOME. It just gets desperate and I don't want to be part of that. Get some good leads. Pimp some killer gear and go HOME...
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