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Thumbs up Pick your candidate - a poll for president

We have been talking a LOT of politics on the CA Fires story which I think is a GOOD thing but is likely better in the Off Topics section.

My Dad just sent this poll to me which asks you to give your opinions on some of the more major issues being discussed by the candidates. Its EASY to get confused with all the sound bytes and political BS. This poll was interesting to see who most closely matches my opinions.

For me Joe Biden (a favorite of mine but likely NOT going to win the election) came up best. John Edwards (smart but also not going to win) was second. Barack was tied with Hillary (who IS going to win if Gore doesn't run).

Personally, I could see Biden being a FANTASTIC VP for Hillary. Less polarizing and great with foreign policy but I am still holding out for Al Gore.

Do the poll and post who the computer says you should vote for.
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