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Wink Re: New Burmeister CD player

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I could!

I almost ordered a SimAudio Moon Orbiter Universal player as Music Direct is dumping them for $2,499 (retail was $7,200) I llike the Sim house sound and always adored the look of their gear, but then I had a moment of sanity and realized I alredy have (almost) too many sources so I didn't. It would have looked cool if I could find a place for it though!
LOL, yes sir, Mr. Source at it again. I did stop in briefly at Moons room at HE2007. As, I have never heard any of their sources or amplification. But, the room, or maybe their people seemed dead. You know how you go in some rooms, and it feels like the life has just been sucked out!!

By their gear, always looked cool to me to. Hey kenny, go for it. I know you now, you`ll make room!!
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