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Default Re: What ever happened to Adcom?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Adcom 565's and Kef 104.2's - man you are bringing up gear from my past. I used to sell that exact system at Bryn Mawr Stereo and Sassafras back in Philly when I was a teenager.

The Adcoms were the only amp we had that could power Magnepans
Yeah, I had Maggies - Tympani I-D's - just before the Kefs, but my fiance hated the "dressing screens" so I got rid of them. We've been married 17 years now. Those were the last speakers I let her make me get rid of. My credibility is kind of shot now. I convinced her that once we bought a sailboat the cost of ownership would be nothing. It ran on air, which is free.....

Anyway I'm still happy with the 104.2's. I don't know of anything else I could replace them with for reasonable $$. Am I missing something here? I have a Sunfire True sub Mk II I use with them along with a Kef center and no-name rears.

I also have custody of a pair of Snell C speakers (being reconed) and a pair of AR-1's (with built-in Sunfire subs) living in pergatory in the basement. Both are way too big to pass the WAF to bring upstairs.

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