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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Give it time, give it time. The forum just got started, AVREV.COm is a great read.


The forum is doing great.

We currently have a CRAPPY "page rank 0 (PR0)" when other home theater forums are driven by new traffic on various and sundry titles from Google, Yahoo and MSN.

We will be moving the forum again (the 3rd time) on to VERY soon. is a page rank 5 site and likely will help us fast track to getting a better ranking for the forum thus more people.

We are also adding more and more rock star moderators. David D, Bob Hodas, Kevin Miller are just a start. I am working on recruiting more. One for each category at least.

We are looking at 2008 as the year to go from 2000 users to 10k to 15k.
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