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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Electrical Engineers tend to take the emotion away from the process thus counting exclusively on the math.

The truth is - we can't measure everything we hear. Tubes measure VERY poorly but they sound great.

Ask Bob Stuart (Meridian) or Bob Hodas (acoustician) or Kevin Voecks (Revel) and they will all likely tell you - there is more to what you hear than what we can currently measure.

For me - I can't see aftermarket AC plugs but I can see the idea of investing in cables for your audio and video. I think your budget should be set like you might spend on wine. You might not need the Screaming Eagle $2,000 a bottle cab (think Transparent Opus) when a bottle of Hitching Post Pinot does you just fine at $28. That is the value proposition you need to figure out for yourself.
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