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Smile Re: DirecTV nightmare continues - Do I need a new dish?

Jerry, I never stated that this would all be easy. As far as channel goes here in New York, in Westchester, there are 45 HD channels. Also, HD service is free with Cablevision and Time Warner. I have had many customers switch back to Cablevision due to the outrageous cost of their HD boxes, with and without the DVR service, and, since we were taking marketshare, DirecTV starting trying to hold customers to a contract, with a early termination fee of $200.00.
Which by the way, Cablevision paid while I was there. As long as they could provide a bill. Now, the out lay of money you have already put out. No, there is nothing that can be done about that for you and the customers I had. One sale I got because and additional HD box for this guy was $200.00, plus the monthly fee. I went in, replaced all 5 of his boxes with DVR service. But, what your about the future. You have bad service, high cost, and your not happy, right now.

I ran into the NFL TICKET issue also why selling. Do you know that you can put your DirecTV to sleep? And have it turned back on when the NFL season starts back up. I did that with some customers and it worked for them. Just like people who go to their summer homes in the winter, have there Cable shut off, until the summer. Slighty different scenario, but it worked.

Now as far as the Crestron remote, RS 232, being away from it since December 2006, I can talk with you about that. HD channels, I guess you have to weigh that. Is it about the amount of channels, or the RIGHT channels that you want to watch in HD? If I don`t have my channels, you can have 200 channels, and it would not matter to me. So, I`m just trying to help out. When I looked at most people`s options, Cablevision over all, was the better choice. Cablevision goes out, DirecTV has weather problems. I can tell you this, watching a game or movie most times, Cable was a lock. But, during rain and wind, I had DirecTV go out during movies and games. So, I don`t know what you plan to do, but I`m given you first hand experience of what I have seen in the field.
Weigh all factors, price it out, and see where that leaves you.
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