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Smile Re: Absolute best source?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I have to agree greg, for the money you will have a tough time beating the DV-50. I have gotten several folks (Silver Supra included) to buy one of these unheard and noone has seriously complained to me.

Chris has the upper end Esoteric stuff, which is a significant step up from there, I for one like the CD12 over the Esoteric as it is just SO DAMN MUSICAL!!!
That is good to hear kennyt. And, though you are saying the Linn is more musical, in todays world of formats, the Esoteric is probably considering quality, performance, and sound, and the ability to play multi - high res cds, is a better purchase overall. And, if you go with the next model that plays video as well, its hard to beat the Esoteric.
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