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Wink Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

It boggles my mind that someone can look me straight in the eye and tell me that I will never hear a difference in the sound produced by two systems, identical in every respect except for the speaker cables, or interconnects, or, well you get the point. (you know who you are).

I wrote a post in Audioholics awhile back in response to a similar thread that presented a philiosophical approach advocating that audible and or visible playback differences might someday be achieved through the use of different cables, interconnects, etc. I suggested that perhaps we don't know all there is to know about the physical properties related to how signals travel from a to b. I also suggested that new advances in our understanding of physics and in technology are being made every day, (entries to this thread have cited nano tube tech and superconductivity). I went on to suggest that it may be difficult, perhaps even impossible given todays technology for the measurement gurus to discern a correlation between measured differences in two cables, (or even in similarly specíd cables), and their audible characteristics. Finally, given all the variables over which we have as yet no understanding and no control, I considered it prudent to believe that someday, as a result of advances in our technology and in our understanding of physics, we might be able to scientifically predict audible differences as a result of the way, for instance, two different cable geometries affect the flow of electrons from a to b, and indeed produce an audible effect.

I concluded by saying, so if an electrical engineer canít possibly know all there is to know about his or her given field, (and who does?), then that person can't intimate that our understanding will remain static over time, (read: you will Never hear a difference), as advances are made and interrelationships are discovered. Wouldn't the wisest of all positions be that of keeping an open mind?

The thread went silent for a couple of days........

And then it started back up without mention of my post. Will it ever be possible to get the measurement geeks to open their minds to possibilities?

And what's with those who throw their credentials around that have absolutely nothing to do with an individuals qualitative analysis of the sound they hear or the sights they see? Where is it written that because a person's hearing has dropped off in any of the audible range that he or she suddenly can't tell the difference between an open sound stage and one that is flat/compressed, or if the sound of what they are listening too has an edge to it and indeed becomes un-listenable? I expected these people to be among the first to tell us how much we do not understand about how sound is perceived. After all, when did medical science EVER claim to be exact?

I have also found that not all audio/video demonstrations are created equal and just because someone says they are an expert and have controlled all the conditions and variables doesn't mean I have to believe them or put my faith in THEIR research. I'll do my own, thanks.

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