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Default Best movies for Halloween chills?

I absolutely love Halloween and all the horror flicks that go with it and am
looking for some new ones to add to my collection.

I'm especially interested in some of the not-so-well-known titles that I haven't seen.

Yes I know this is a completely selfish thread... but I'm okay with that.

So lets hear it, what are your favorites.


For my money nothing will scare the $h1t out of me like "The Exorcist' - it's the
one movie that will keep me freaked out for a week or so after watching it.

'The Shining' is another one that stays with me for several days.

Hitch**** movies are great too. (<- edit - I just had to laugh that the filter caught that)


I just watched '28 weeks later' and really like it as well as it's predecessor '28
days later'.

The remake of 'Halloween' by Rob Zombie was pretty damn good - except it went on about 30 minutes longer than it should have.
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