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Default Re: Today's Worst Bands...

I'm just saying that at a very specific point some of those 120 million records backed up the drain.

I kind of think that a thread entitled Today's Worst Bands is inteded for people to state their opinion in re music & the people who make it?

AND I'm not attempting to elevate my opinion by bashing 'pop superstars' I'm giving what to me is a 'valid opinion'. I respect yours, you love Chicago. Me, not so much anymore.

And just to restate what I think (note I):

Each successive release from Chicago Transit Authority on wasn't as good as the one that preceded it.

Terry Kath was the heart of the band. They continued to make successful music after he died but...

Everything from Hot Streets on smelled.

And just so you'll know I own every single one of the releases up to that point... since one of my dearest friends is nutty for Chicago I regretfully have had to listen to everything since numerous times.

But I'll say this... at least they aren't the Beach Boys.

Peace now!

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
The original comment was that they "spiraled down the drain."

So my rebuttal still stands... for I've never seen a drain large enough to swallow up 120 million records!

Everyone has their own personal taste... but bashing Pop Superstars does not elevate your opinion above their millions of fans.


I don't dig the personalities of Mariah and Whitney, but it seems pretty lame to insist that their vocal skills are "bad."

And Celine and Garth are "as good as it gets" within their respective genres. Sure, I am more intrigued by the creativity of Dali, than Picasso... but I would never classify Picasso as a "bad" painter.

And few "artists" throughout time, have touched their fans more deeply than the Jackson 5 did.. or even Bon Jovi. But if you don't like their style of music... does that REALLY make it "bad" music??

Alas, I must agree!

Those 3 singers were AWESOME together.

It's a shame that 5.1 surround wasn't happening in those days. The 3 of them would often "echo" their voices back and forth... which would have sounded amazing in digital surround!

Peace out.

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