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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Hi Kenny,

The nanotube cables that I'm talking about are made by Intuitive Design out of Torrington, WY. Dale Pitcher a 35 year veteran in the audio industry and is the chief designer and owner.

He has three levels of cables. The Reference Chimeras are his top of the line, but all levels of his nanotube cables are proabably better than anything else out there. Some of them are "kind of" afordable.

The Reference Chimeras are truly a revolutionary product. It was the Ref. Chimera speaker cables that made the major differences that I mentioned in the post. The interconnects and power cord make big differences as well, but not as dramatic a change that the speaker cables do. The speaker cables have a larger impact than a major upgrade of a component.

To be honest, until I met Dale and began to audition his cables, I was always in the camp that most people fall into about cables. Do they make a difference, yes... but most of the time once you stepped up into the higher quality cables, they were all similiar with subtle differences between each model. I could hear differences, but they were not huge.

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