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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

Jerry, You are right, Florida had good air polution numbers, so they did do away with emmision testing... Smart eh? It's working, so let's just stop it! The ads for performance shops to pull out all emmisions from your cars started the day they anounced the change!

I for one would have to vote for Juliani, I give the guy credit for cleaning up NYC after a decade of Koch (the funniest Mayor of all time!) and Dinkins (SP). He may not have the experience, but he's got more than most...

Hillary scares the living poop out of me! I guess the only thing that will save me if she gets elected is, well nothing, I'm screwed, and if she does what she wants to do with health care, so will all of us as you will be being taken care of by nurses, NOT doctors and we will hit a true health care crisis.......

I for one am going to go into the Home Theater business, every installer around me is so overworked and ridiculous to deal with, yet still making it!
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