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Default Re: What ever happened to Adcom?

I owned a pair of 565's (the 300-watt monoblocks) for ~ 10 years. We mostly used them in our demo room for my laser light show company. A couple of years ago one of my trusty Denon 6600 monoblocks died in my home system. I brought the Adcoms home to use with my Kef 104.2's. While the Adcoms still had plenty of punch (gobs of current), they sounded like broken glass compared to the Denons. Maybe I had gotten spoiled, sharing office space with a 300B tube manufacturer, maybe the Adcoms' cap had dried out, maybe my ears had changed. Anyway I replaced them and my Adcom preamp with a Nad receiver for HT and an AES (Cary Audio's less expensive line) tube amp. I'm now having the Denon's repaired and recapped.

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