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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

The registration on my 10 year old twin tubo 911 is still $700 here in California (where we all hate America - they say)

What is worse is that the smog testing is so difficult that cars like mine which are PERFECTLY fine - need to go to the smog "referee" station 1x per year to override the glitches in the CA state system. I did that today which used a good 2 hours of my time.

If I heard right, FLA did away with smog testing.

Note: CA also makes it nearly impossible to get a diesel car in the state. I want to get my wife a Mercedes ML320 CDI so we can burn Bio-diesel (an American, clean burning fuel but according to Glenn Beck - I hate America?) but the car isn't on sale in the state. The emmissions are SO clean, a writer from the LA Times put a bagel in the exhuast and ATE THE THING!!!!!
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