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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

I agree totally with Jerry. The Pensacola writter reflects the people I live with here in Florida. They never let the facts get in the way of what they say. Florida has been run in both houses and the governorship by the Conservatives led by Jeb Bush and now Charlie Crist. This state is in a depression and taxes have gone up dramatically plus homeowner insurance has gone up big time. The state is 1.5 billion dollars in the red as a result of Jeb giving big tax breaks to the wealthy. Only in Florida would my 2000 Camaro cost $64 to license each year yet a $100K 2008 Porsche 911 cost $39!
Bush has been a disaster and his pals in the right wing media have a secret: Callers who do not not get through.....Its happened to me 8 times. They let any caller, male, female, tall, short, old or young
agree with them so it sounds like the American people agree with them.
However they were unable to deliver the votes in 2006 and I think they will be unable to deliver John McCaine (aka Bob Dole) or crossdresser Rudi Juliani either. Let's see what the people in California living in sports stadiums say on the 25th of November.....then the 25th of December still sleeping on cots. How about a rally with Herr Limbaugh et al telling those people to pull them selves up by the boot straps and stop asking for government help? People might express themselves in that crowd
by using their second amendment rights to reach out to Herr Limbaugh, Herr Hannity and Herr Beck in a very direct way.
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