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Default Re: Politics and AV - a perfect match

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post

I will get a spell checker if you get a fact checker.

During the Clinton admin we had a budget surplus. Now we are mired in debt. The world respected us and we were working towards Middle East peace. Now we are hated everywhere ESPECIALLY in the Middle East.

As for Dan Rather - let us see how the facts play out in his $70,000,000 lawsuit. He defended his positions pretty well on Larry King. I am not the judge in the case so time will tell.

Do you want to defend Ann Coulter? How about Bill O'Rilley? Rush Limbaugh? You left them out.

The point is the media is more sensational now than EVER. They focus on issues like a grunt by Howard Dean more than the actual WORDS the guy is saying but when Glenn Beck attacks good Americans in California or Ann Coulter spouts off with anti-Jewish comments its somehow OK. Well, I am saying it is NOT.
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