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Default Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?

Jerry and Kenny, thanks for your thoughts.

Jerry are you a big fan of the Sunfire TGV or a bit skeptical about the Integra? The Integra looks really good on paper. The fact that Onkyo is primarily a receiver company has me a bit worried. Also, the fact that the Sunfire only has two HDMI inputs is puzzling.

Kenny, I agree that the Integra seems to have it all. I thought you would have already bought one based on your response on the other Integra thread. I have read plenty of happy owner's praises of the Integra but most of those guys have upgraded from a receiver. My thinking is that the Integra will blow most receivers away in terms of sound quality. I too am wondering how it would hold up to a solid pre/pro like Sunfire, Lexicon, Anthem...
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