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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

The problem with the narrow tunneled views I'm seeing expressed here is you're all falling in to the trap of division. Always there are two paradigms: the "democrats" and the "republicans". And the funny thing is that otherwise intelligent people fall right in line with the media's mantra. I have a sad newsflash for you both: There is no difference between the republicans (neo-cons) and the neo-libs. None whatsoever. Ruppert Murdock, who owns Faux News, has done a fair amount of fund raising for Chillary this past year. GW has begun setting up the office to accommodate her when she gets there (they're planning on her presidency already!) Hillbillery has voted FOR the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and against the citizens of the USA in the form of the mis-named "Patriot" Act and countless other bills and rhetoric. GW, according to an independent think tank who has done a study (don't recall the name of the firm right now), has pushed through a more liberal agenda then his predecessors, Slick Willy and Dear Ole Dad. Never before in the history of our great nation has a president expanded the size, scope, and expense of government! Let's try and see things for what they are. The Media exists, at the whim and complete control of the government, to brainwash the populace. Oh, and Obama is a not-so distant cousin of Richard Cheney. They're all on the same "screw America" team and the sooner we all come together and fight our common enemy, the higher the chance is we'll win our freedom and liberty back some day. When's the last time you heard Ron Paul mentioned in the mainstream in a positive light? Although he's the most conservative candidate I bet half the readers of this here don't even know who he is. The only politician in Congress to have a perfect voting record regarding freedom and liberty, Dr. Paul has never voted for a bill that wasn't constitutional. Google his name to learn more. His campaign has attracted a multitude of people from across the political spectrum.

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