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Default Re: Calling out George Bush...

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
America is built on open dialog yet the media has become SO bent towards the right that I can't help but to point it out. No matter WHAT side of the debate you are on - you need to look at news sources for their bias. Honestly, I hoped for better out of CNN and hope they act on Glenn Beck's comments.

When it comes down to the president - how can you trust that he will help CA when he didn't help LA/Miss after Katrina? The Red Cross and the state seem like more reasonable places to look for help. So are the good-hearted and often maligned people of California. Some of us REALLY do care and are doing what we can to help.
Are you just dense? I'll say it again. The federal government can not bring troops into a state without the written permission of the governor. She refused help for a week. Bush had declared Louisiana a disaster area two days before the hurricane. All she had to do was sign the papers and federal aid would have been there. You are so deep in the Bush bashing you refuse to seek facts.
You seem to be attempting to emulate the Bush bashing liberal media. Once again...IGNORANCE IS CRITICAL!! Do some fact searching. Once you know and fully understand the complete facts there may be hope for you to ease you criticism.
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