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Default Re: Snubs, complaints and hate-mail about the top 100 albums list

There is room for more than my opinion and MANY of the judges are BIG Stones fans but still the records didn't do that well in our voting.

I personally went back and re-listened to Exile, Beggar's and many of the other Stones records. I just don't get it.

Metallica could (note the past tense) REALLY play. I think thier songs are more developed, their concepts stronger on the records and the musicanship is better thus how they got on the list 4x.

Steely Dan's Aja is a KILLER on our list but I personally struggle with their other records. They seem like they are trying too hard. Aja has a GREAT concept, great sound and REALLY passes the test of time.

GREAT to see you posting. Hope to see you become a regular on our forum.

Jerry Del Colliano
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