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Default Predictions for Sopranos

The last episode is called "Made in America" and I have some predictions as to what will happen.

First off, the last episode was INCREDIBLE!!!! The direction as Melfi was reading the study was cool. Chase is SO IN TOUCH with what it is like to be a New Jersey Italian that when Bobby gets shot he is at the model train store. ALL Italians from NJ love trains. Just ask Frank Sinatra (wait - don't ask him... just trust me on that one).

1. Phil is toast.
2. Sil is going to die in the hospital.
3. Tony will align with Carmine Jr. to whack Phil. Tony and Pauly will be left standing at the end with a friendly partner in Carmine Jr. (as in who gets MADE in America - that would be Carmine)

Alternate Twist:
I don't trust agent Harris. He acts like he just likes the pork sanswich at Satrales but I don't trust him. He gave Tony some useful information last week but don't you find it odd that an FBI agent who was sworn to put people like Tony away and who could make his whole career on busting Tony is just hanging around?

OK - now you post your predictions...
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