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Cool Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

I'm becoming weary of supposedly well intentioned articles using the platform of other's troubles to share their political views.
Everyone agrees California is in bad shape. Everyone knows they need help. I am as connected as anyone who isn't there can be. I have numerous relatives living in and around the affected areas and a close friend locally who, while on vacation there, has literally become stranded as the neighborhood she is in is surrounded by fires and authorities are not allowing anyone to leave from there.
President bush has already dispatched military and relief resources to the areas and is in the process of pushing through a declaration of disaster so funds can be released to those in need.
I'm not Bush fanboy however, I am also not juvenile enough to believe that the president is the bottom line when looking to place blame for previous failures in relief efforts.
Has he made mistakes? Of course. Does he learn from them? Let's hope. Is he the sole point from which all the decisions you and others blame him for emanate? Um, not quite.
The figure head is always the scapegoat.
That said; just as I think actors/musicians/celebrities etc.. who decide they are now the voice of reason due to their big microphones should generally shut the [heck] up. I also think those I turn to for unbiased reviews of A/V equipment should stick to the task at hand.
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