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Default Re: Politics and AV - a perfect match

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I think it is TIME that the right-wing control of the media is discussed and if is the venue - then I can say I am proud to say I own the site!

Fox isn't news - its right wing opinion. Bill O'relley might get ratings but he is full of hate speak.

Clear Channel is as right-wing a company as you can find. When my father spoke the truth about them owning more radio stations than they were allowed - they sued him for $110,000,000 AND enthusistically lost, the CEO was fired and their stock is worth NOTHING compared what it was then yet they own my father's publication (and other radio trade publications) so they can "control" what is said about them in the trades.

Time Warner should know better and should STRONGLY santion Glenn Beck. They have NO SOUL. They just pander to whatever whim they think gets them the best ratings.

CBS was WRONG in firing Dan Rather. He is a TRUE investigative reporter and he had his facts CORRECT. Good luck to him in his law suit.

As my buddy Bob says - PBS and NPR are some of the few places you can trust for real news. YES - there are liberal news sources too (think the NY Times) but they are few and far between. The right-wing zealots control the media now and its IMPORTANT to point out and discuss.
You are so lost. You go so far as to say "CBS was WRONG in firing Dan Rather" when him and his group knew about the fabricated documents and purposely mislead the American people with the sole agenda to contribute to the misinformation about our president in order to help BIG government democrats take over in the next elections. I think they should have thrown him and the whole lot in prison. Go ahead Vote for Hilary. You'll get everything you want to the ruin of this great country and what it stands for. For me, After reading that bunch of brainwashed liberalism I choose to bow out. You can have this forum and all that is associated with it. You sir, are the foundation for the division of our country and obviously contribute to the far left thinking that makes common sense Americans PUKE!
good day
Glenn David Hughes
Pensacola, Florida

P.S. Get a spell checker.
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