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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

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Find me an acoustic and electric engineer that studies this subject who thinks that as long as the wire is thick enough for the application that paying a hundred times more will positively effect the sound. Only people in the retail and wholesale retail business and many of their associated publications will go along with this notion--as the publications make a fortune on wire ads, as do the retailers. Often it is more than they make from the product themselves. Belden and a couple of other major wire manufacturers make all the wire for most so-called wire manufacturers. Try finding theses expensivecompanies manufacturing plants--you will likely only find a warehouse.


A lot of what you say is true about they way many cables are produced. That being said there are a few companies that do make their own cables and do not just slap their own name on someone elses cables.

Some of the newer technology that I'm mentioning is way beyond the realm of Electrical Engineers. You need to speak to physicist in the field for explanations on the theory behind these cables. A lot of this technolgy comes from military applications and they are only now being applied to consumer electronics by a very small number of manufactures. Ask an EE about electron pooling, coopers pairs, and electron propagation problems that arrise with the use of super conductors and 9 out 10 times you will likely get a blank stare back. If you have never heard cables with this technology than you really should not make comments on how they perform or how and where they are made.

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