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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

My comments in the second posting on this thread regarding Glenn Beck were not politically motivated in any way. I agree, that an audio forum is NO place for political speak or hate speak in any way. My comments were about being a decent and compassionate human being. There is a time and place for everything and I support Glenn Beck's right to say what ever he wants to say when ever he wants to say it. I honestly wouldn't have noticed Mr. Beck's comments if it were not for Jerry and this forum for I do not watch his show, which is my expression of free speech. However, I was troubled, not so much by what Mr. Beck said, but the time and place in which he chose to say his disrespectful words. With Headline News being a source of information for many American's about world events and the current fires in Southern California Mr. Beck should've put politics aside during his commentary and understood that beyond our political affiliations we are people first. And people are loosing their lives and their homes.

Truthfully, Mr. Beck has a wonderful job and a podium to do amazing things for his fellow man, and Monday's broadcast was one of those opportunities but instead of seizing the moment he, frankly, dropped the ball and played to his base vs. playing to humanity. That is what angers me most. I understand that when the smoke clears little will probably change. Houses will continue to be built to close together, people will continue to criticize the President or his associates and we will continue to agree to disagree. That's fine. That's what's great about this country love it or hate it we have the choice. But in the face of such suffering please Mr. Beck and everyone out there in the world, put your differences aside and be people first. That is all.

For those of you who asked about my current situation, my home is fine. The flames got within a couple of houses but my house was spared. I want to thank the fine men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department for their unwavering dedication and selflessness in putting their lives on the line so that my "family" could come home to ours. I was one of the lucky ones, but I understand that there are those who are not so lucky, which is why I have donated to various charitable causes, including the fire department, and would urge you all to do the same. Again, I also want to thank the Del Colliano's for their generous hospitality in putting me and mine up for a few days while the dust settled.

I did not intend for this thread to become a political forum or good vs. evil. Just take care of one another. Take care everyone.
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