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Default Re: Today's Worst Bands...

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
They "spiraled down the drain"?
Over 4 decades, CHICAGO has garnered 20 Top Ten singles, 12 Top Ten albums (five of which were #1), and sales of more than 120 million records.
Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
David, I agree with you. During its run, Chicago was excellent. I don`t know why people are talking about when the bands got old, people left, yeah, if that happens, most bands will eventually fade away. To me, a bad band is bad from day one. Not after a couple of years of success. Perfect example, The Ohio Players. great studio band. Horrible live!! A bad band.
Another great band and favorite of mind is MANDRILL. I know most of you guys are rockers, but, great horn section, guitar player, music was jazzy, funky, soulful, latin vibes, lyrics, had a little bit of everything. And great, live!!!! The Wilson Brothers!!!

I thought we were talking about bad bands here, not sales.

News flash: sales do not equal quality.

Too often, it's a reverse indicator.

So a lot of people bought Chicago albums.

Back Street Boys, Garth Brooks, Celine Dion, Iron Maiden, Cher, Kenny Rogers, ABBA, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Jackson 5, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Bon Jovi, Julio Iglesias, Joni James (??) -- Zamfir! Englebert Humperdink!! Gene Autry!!!
-- ALL sold more than 100 million albums. See anything really good in there? Not me.

Chicago's "run" was one album, dribbling off into a couple of good songs on their second. Considering that their next 182 albums stank, I'd call that a bad band -- a potentially good band that very very quickly became a bad band, and stayed that way for decades. Bad band.

Mandrill -- not that familiar but I've heard a little, and I could be with ya, dude. Another somewhat underrated non-whitebread band with a great horn section, better live than on record: Tower of Balco -- uh, Power. Heard "What is Life" on Sirius the other day and it ROCKED! "Down to the Nightclub" -- oh yeah.

Truly underrated: Three Dog Night. I saw them in concert in their prime seven times: three times excellent, the rest anywhere from outstanding to mind-blowing. Though I liked their albums, any slickness therein fell away in concert and they became those funky white boys who always had to prove themselves and show you they were sooo much better than you thought. Footnote: proteges of Brian Wilson, who was recording them, pre-Dog, at the same time as another act who caught his fancy, Charles Manson.

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