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Default Re: DTS or Dolby Digital?

Originally Posted by sbell View Post

I too like DTS better than Dolby Digital. DTS stands for Digital Theater Surround.
For the record, "DTS" actually stands for Digital Theater Systems, Inc.

When first introduced for cinema use, this digital technology was created for all movie soundtracks, not just the "surround" mixes... so the word "surround"was not a part of the original "corporate name." In fact, the original cinema on-screen logos, always referred to DTS, as "DTS Digital Sound" (remember the tagline: "Listen... and be Amazed"?)

Eventually, the word "surround" became synonymous with "DTS"... after the Consumer Division successfully licensed the DTS Digital Surround 5.1 technology into millions of Home Theater products.

As far as the sonic comparisons to the "more compressed" Dolby Digital... the difference is audibly pronounced when a 5.1 mix aggressively utilizes all 6 channels.

Simplistically stated, the Dolby version has "less bits to work with"... so "complex" mixes cannot be fully reproduced.

All things equal, the DTS version will deliver deeper bass, more detail in the highs, and a wider, deeper surround soundfield... when the 5.1 mix is "firing on all 6 cylinders."

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