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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

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U.S. President George W. Bush, while visiting the vast damage in Southern California today, said confidently "Tomorrow will be better." California residents can only hope he can back up his kind words with meaningful actions. With the President's track record, having abandoned the residents of Louisiana and Mississippi after hurricane Katrina and the cronyism that exposed fatal flaws in FEMA, the residents of Southern California are today looking more toward Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the American Red Cross for aid than FEMA.
I am like a lot of folks on here believing this forum is not the place to voice political rhetoric. I take personal offence to president bashing. When I citizen of this country bashes our president it belittles the whole United States. Now, if your going to have harsh feeling about out country's leader based on misinformation created by the liberal media that's your own stupidity and I'm sure you will continue to walk through life believing everything you hear and see on TV produced my ultra-liberal media of NY and Ca.
I give credit to most folks that they have just been mislead. I'll set a little of the record straight for you in hopes that you were just mislead. First, The federal government CANNOT send troops into a state without the written permission of the governor of that state. The our president offer the governor of Louisiana assistance two days before the hurricane got there. She refused. He offered again when the levies broke, Then two days latter he flew in to talk privately with her and met with the governor of Miss at the same time. The Miss. governor had accepted Federal troops day before but the La governor still refused. A week later when things got so bad in NO and you saw the Fed troops rolling in, they had been staged in Miss for a week waiting on her permission. All that crap you heard about FEMA and our president was COMPLEATLY the fault of the governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of NO. You may not like our president and that's certainly up to you. The thing you must understand is that sometimes things happen that everyone doesn't know about or understand all the reasons. I have a saying..."ignorance is critical" You need to do some research of the facts and keep your miss-informed opinion out of things.
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