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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Objectivists and subjectivists have been debating this issue well before the day that someone thought to use cabling different then lampcord (and then figured they could make a profit at it). In sum, objectivists state that if you cannot accurately measure a difference, there can be no difference. Subjectivists say if I hear a difference, then there must be one (which then turns the discussion to psychoacoustics where perception can be altered by many factors including ones extrinsic to the actual sound).

We all know that there is tremendous markup in audio accessories, including cables and the question then is whether you beleive you got what you paid for; if you perceive a difference then to you there is one. Is that enough, though? I have not been able to resolve for myself this issue but am troubled by the ease in which cable makers (and tweak makers as well) could, if they wanted to take advantage of psychoacoustics and deceive people into spending gobs of money on (for lack of a better term) snake oil. Could you know if you've been scammed if you believe otherwise, and conversly could you know you haven't been scammed if you believe othewise? The line between what is and what is not snake oil is far from static and us consumers are essentially blind and left to our own devices to decide.
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