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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

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U.S. President George W. Bush, while visiting the vast damage in Southern California today, said confidently "Tomorrow will be better." California residents can only hope he can back up his kind words with meaningful actions. With the President's track record, having abandoned the residents of Louisiana and Mississippi after hurricane Katrina and the cronyism that exposed fatal flaws in FEMA, the residents of Southern California are today looking more toward Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the American Red Cross for aid than FEMA.
Do you think the thousands of idiots that refused to leave their homes with a hurricane heading right for them made it a hell of a lot harder to deal with than it should have?

I understand there are a lot of Liberals here but lets keep the politics out of this forum.
After all if I'm reminded how many people support Hillary in this forum it's going to be hard for me to take anything you say seriously!!
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