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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

I never believed that cables could make a difference until I barrowed a pair of high-end Monstor-cable speaker wire from a friend "to make him happy" and replaced my (already good) standard monstor cable speaker wire.

Wow. It honestly sounded like I had bought new speakers. Bass was tighter, midrange cleaner, and the highs much less congested. The sound was so obvious that my roommate, who had no idea I had changed speaker wires, asked "what did you do to your stereo? It sounds so much better!".

That was a true double-blind... he hadn't even been told I was making a change and yet he still heard the difference.... clearly enough to prompt the question!

NOTE: since that time I've experiemented with lots of cables and $$$ does not necessarily equal what sounds good. Sometimes I hear no difference. Sometimes wires sound better. Sometimes they sound worse! Just trust your ears.
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