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Default Re: Musical in-wall speakers on a relative budget.

You will get more functionality at a cheaper price from a receiver, better sound quality and flexibility to upgrade with separates.

Do you need to have three independent zones or will the outdoor speakers always be playing the same thing as the one room? If so, you could use a two zone unit with the speakers set up as A and B pairs (receiver) If you go separates, you would need three zones, that can be tough. For this reason I will flip back and say a good receiver will likely be the easiest to do this with. There are many that can handle this and in all budgets, you will only need one video system, so that makes it much easier....

Look into Denon, Marantz just to name a few. I have always liked the Denons and the Marantz 8002 I just reviewed is equaly good.
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