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Default Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

What is funny is if you listen to what this IDIOT Glenn Beck was talking about before he said something stupid enough to fire him - he was saying how there needs to be a NATIONAL discourse about politics EVEN if you don't agree.

I am personally a capitalist first and a liberal second but I can talk with any reasonable person about whatever as long as they show me the proper respect. Neo-concervatism isn't about that. Its about the JESUS-FUELED anger towards different people be it Muslims, Democrats or even Californians. This needs to END by 2008. Republicans aren't bad people. Neo-cons are. It isn't Christian values to deny children health care or to screw over the people of LA and MISS after Katrina. I believe that REAL Americans do what they can to help in that situation no matter WHAT their party.


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