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Question Re: California Wildfires Affect Home Theater Business

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Glenn Beck should really think before he speaks badly about California. What he fails to realize is that all of his show's promotion and advertising comes out of California, mainly from the company I work for, where several of the employees (myself included) had to evacuate and live in fear of loosing our homes. Good job Glenn. Let's see how good your next ad campaign looks, if you have one at all. It takes a lot of class to push your political agenda and hate speak in the wake of so much suffering. A lot of class. You never hear of "liberal" hosts speaking about the suffering and loss of the people in the south every time a hurricane or tornado rips through their neck of the woods. It's one thing to have different beliefs but when those beliefs keep you from being a simple, decent human being...I honestly don't have the words. If Glenn Beck personifies and preaches the so called "values" I'm supposed to live by then I think I'll enjoy my stay in hell.
How are things Andrew? It is unfortunate that this is happening to all of you out there. I imagine if your posting, that you and your family are safe?
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