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Default Re: Musical in-wall speakers on a relative budget.

Kennyt:...and I thought the two days evacuation and not knowing if I had a home to return to was my head is really spinning

I was planning on 2.1 for music room, SS for TV/HT and stereo (2.0) for back yard speakers later on. So, you're thinking that if I address the two needs seperatly, it might work out better/cheaper?

The music room is also the wifes pride n' joy formal room (thats why the speakers have to go in-wall), so she's not going to like the idea of a rack of equipment in that room. Also I was going to use my Oppo 980H to play CD's for now, and that is located in the TV/HT room.

What you suggest makes sense but I don't think its possible in my situ. I think I had better run/power everything from the family room in one central location.

So I guess that means that I do need a SS pre/pro/reciever type deal with an amp, or just go with a mid/higher end reciever? I guess it depends on what speakers I need to power? i think the general consensus is to go with seperates at all times, if music SQ is important, right?

Decisions brain hurts more now...thanks dude

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