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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
And 8.3 MILLION DVDs !!

Based on those numbers, HD disc sales represent 3 % of the overall disc sales.

And all I am saying is that Blu-ray DOES have their act together, compared to what to they originally claimed they would accomplish with this format.

It was never introduced as a DVD movie replacement... it was introduced as a "blue laser" technology with massive storage capacity that would EVENTUALLY provide the most advanced package of benefits.

As in:

BUYER BEWARE: This is a two-year development roll-out, NOT just a new technology for watching HD movies!

You may have a valid point.... of course, here in Europe we saw nothing of Blu-Ray until Oct 2006 Samsung launch....... soft launch, to be more accurate, followed by PS3 last April 2007, which I purchased.

because I don't follow the computer world, many of the Blu-Ray benefits,and benefits to come are not all known to me....

here in Europe PS3 has been pitched by SONY Centres themselves as a good,competent BD spinner. This they did because their own standalone players would not be available until the Fall of 2007 with their BD SE1 top of the US line player improved for Europe . Only now have they just released the low cost option BD300 model (UK Pounds 400/US$800). Pioneer have their same as US model out over here, as well as Panasonic and Samsung.

The quality now from some of the BD discs are indeed stunning.... notably from Fox, who first gave us MPEG4 codec discs with High Bitrate too.... and most things Sony studios are now also like that too... and if you olike foreign movies, try any of the BD discs from TARTAN Video, such as Paul Verhoeven's (remember him? Basic Instinct,etc) BLACK BOOK and Korean movie OLDBOY.... they are simply cinematically stunning on BD.....
Six months ago I got a Warner BD of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and was disappointed with a lowbitrate MPEG presentation.... at times it seemed little different to the DVD....

Yes, they have maybe waited to release their best stuff, but let's also put this into perspective. HD DVD is equally improving too, and this Christmas, new makers of spinners are coming to town, such as the Chinese produced Venturer model, as well as others from ONKYO with some excellent specs.... What one format can do, the other can soon pretty-well match technologically.... eg. BD 50G discs, see also tripple layered HD DVD shown in Las Vegas last January 2007.... with 51,or was it 52G?

Out of couriosity, can anybody give me a truthful answer to which format in the US has actually sold the most discs, and which the most players? the latter question is difficult because you have to consider the games consoles from both sides.... I'm just trying to get a real grip on the US market.... reading various other sites leaves me no wiser or closer to the actual truth!!! Confused? maybe, but I bet there is no definitve answer that anyone stateside can answer with absolute accuracy...

That is why I have 2 formats, and maybe, i'm even thinking of getting ANOTHER PS3 which would come from the US (region A) because of the lack, or slow release of EURO discs..... some of which,as ALWAYS, will never hit our shores!!!! Same as DVD,and Laserdisc before it.... I recognize,therefore, that BOTH formats are with us for a lot longer than either side thought would be the case.... I FORESEE (Yes! The Chipmonk in his wisdom "forsees!") that Mass market will be acheived by DUAL-FORMAT players, when the quality of these improve, together with the mandatory significant drop in price, probably over the next 12-18 months.

Only then will the FILM LOVING public buy into this HD package with some confidence.... after all, they did HDD (hard disc drive)/DVD home recorders in the -R/+R/RW/DL/RAM format war.... where today most of those will play/record all or most of those formats....

But, software upgrades, from buying a product today and finding it needs to be done when you get it up and running with Spiderman 3,etc...????? This,to my mind, is not real world solutions, buying into works-in-progress that have to be upgraded with the purchase of almost every NEW release! It's crazy,NO??? (sorry, I sound Italian here!!)

Anyway, I accept your point about the history of the Blu-Ray rollout plan! But, Sony stores no doubt worldwide have been pushing Blu-Ray movies via their PS3 before standalone players, and at store level, they have always claimed how marvelous it was from the start!

London saying goodnight,it's nearly 0100 hours in London.... and still haven't got Clockwork Orange/Full Metal Jacket!!!! that's why I'm in the internrt cafe and not wathcing those films!
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