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Default Re: Will Meridian make an HD DVD player?

You know what though, I think the saving grace with SACD is that, you can buy some, that are Hybrids, and get to play them, that way. Now, some may think this is a poor alternative, but you have none with DVD - A. And Telarc, and their jazz label Heads Up International, all of their cds are hybrids. A good move by Telarc. And Mobile fidelity makes some hybrids too. Shaft, being one of them.

We would love to see it, but Meridian seems committed to their craft. Their not budging. Especially, what seemingly is the slow demise of both formats, anyway. Why would they do it now? But, what about a HIGH DEF player. Now that, i would like to see from a company like Meridian!!

kennyt, I know you do like some jazz I believe, you should check out Heads Up international. They have excellent jazz artists on that label.
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