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Cool Re: Saturday at Best Buy = people walking out with HD DVD

WOW, first I agree with you Jerry. Consumers want quality and simplicity together. And HD DVD does that with their selection of players and price points. As far as your marketing idea, its sound. Especially if your in sales. There is nothing like having the product at home to use, then to go sell.

And kennyt, you know i`m with you as i mentioned in the other thread, we just want it to work. Think about this. Its next Tuesday, release of Spidey 3. Your kids are hyped for you to bring the movie home.
Your wife prepares appetizers, maybe you let your kids invite one or two friends, come home, take a shower. Put on your shorts and T-shirt, pop open the wrapper, give the cover to the kids to peruse. Hit eject, push play. Power up your Classe, Bel canto, Meridian, Krell, whatever, your now ready and excited, then you see, NEED UPDATE!!!

Are you kidding me??
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