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Angry Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
While I love both Blu-ray and HD DVD I have had NO trouble with any of my HD DVD players. Even my old XA-1 (while slow loading) has worked flawlessly since day one. Sadly, my Blu-ray player can not say the same. Sony's own firmware update broke my player. Now, to Sony's credit they took care of it and shipped me a new player, but still. I think firmware updates right out of the box are a complete joke. When I bought the PS3 I had to run a firmware update as soon as I turned it on the first time. Granted my PS3 is now BULLET PROOF when it comes to spinning Blu-ray discs, but a firmware update (that takes 20-35min) isn't my idea of good times when purchasing the latest kick ass gaming system.

I for one am tired of being an unsuspecting beta tester for products that are only half finished. Early adopter my ass, we're past that now. We're more than a year into the "war" and the stuff should work. To still release players (this goes for both camps) that don't play discs, or need updates to start, etc is unacceptable, and manufactuers wonder why some still sit on the fence as far as which format to buy.
THATS IT, THAT IS IT RIGHT THERE ANDREW!! POINT, SET, AND MATCH!!! And hopefully for all that is listening. I know, we are all entitlted to our opinions, but, as Andrew says, THE EARLY ADOPTER STAGE HAS PASSED!! And, while we are audio and videophiles, does that mean we should always be available for EVERY firmware update or tweak? I learned early on from reading the "early" Absolute Sound magazines, that you can buy stuff all day long to continue to tweak your gear. Thereby, NEVER REALLY getting to enjoy it. NO SIR!!! That is not what this hobby is about. Its about the love of music and video, provided with great equipment to reproduce it. PERIOD!!
Sure, the least SONY and TOSHIBA could do is provide an avenue to get an update, when THEY MESS UP. That is just good customer service. But, for us as audio/videophiles to expect this thing as regular, as DAVID Boulet says, is a little ridiculous. As Andrew stated, on October 30th when SPIDERMAN 3 is released to the masses, that after the excitement of buying the disc, sitting down with yourself, wife, son, daughter, or family and friends to now crack open this movie to play, and everyone waits a half hour before you can watch it, is considered acceptable??!!!
Something is greatly wrong here. And on top of this we expect more people to buy HD? Lets break it down, we are talking about just pushing play,,,, to watch a movie, HELLO!!

mgdurand1 is right as well. I know enough hard working non audio/videophiles that see the future. And want quality with simplicity. Not much to ask, really. They will ask my opinion, mull it over, make their buying purchase. We are talking about just going home and playing a movie. There should be a whole lot less amount of drama associated with that.
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