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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I think Crown is now owned by Harman.

Critics of Mark Levinson say that Levinson amps are now just glorified Crown amps but I think they are a little misguided. I know for a fact Mark Levinson (HSG) has entire teams dedicated to designing inovative new amps. There were a few at CEDIA including one designed to be a like the lauded No. 33.
WOW, that is some statement. But, does not sound right. Crown`s ownership in the past was pretty solid for a while. Then, things started to fizzle a little. Then they came back a few years ago a new power amp, which both the Absolute Sound and Stereophile rated very well, then disappeared again.

I hope the company can be revived. And the topologies for both amps I would think are totally different for people to think Mark Levinson amps are glorified Crowns. I thought Mr. Levinson was still in control of what goes on? I know he is in to that Burwen Bobcat with computers and bookshelf speaker thing, but................
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