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Default Cycling anyone?

Just wanted to see if anyone else is into bicycling around here. My wife and I both are cyclists and often take cycling trips, which not only is a great way to see a country, but gets you in shape and allows you to eat and drink all you want on vacation and NOT get fat, or at least not any fatter..... We have done Tuscany, Portugal, CA wine country (won't ever do another bike trip within the states!) and are considering another for this May.

Riding in Europe is so much different than the states. As a cyclist you are treated with respect! I can remember climbing one of the thousand or so 'hills' in Tuscany in a grannie gear on a road bike and hearing a car come flying up on me. Being used to the red-neck yelling at me to get on the sidewalk, I began to cringe. To my surprise the car slowed to my pathetically slow pace until he could safely pass. When he did, he gave me a polite toot of his horn and waved as he went by! There were so many things I loved about that trip to Italy, but I will never forget what it was like to cycle there!

Currently I ride a Seven Alaris built up with 2004 Campy Chorus 10, Campy Eurus wheels, Thompson post, Easton carbon bars all on top of Vredstein Fortezza Tricomp tires (once you try them, you will never go back... unless you ride tubulars...) a Chris King HS and Wound up (Seven) fork.

This is truly the most amazing bike I could ever imagine. I read a lot about Seven Cycles when I was shopping for my wifes new bike, and then mine, and they impressed me. When I asked them to fit my 6'6" 260# frame on a Ti bike that would ride like I wanted (BB as stiff as aluminuim and ride smoother than my steel Serotta CSi) they said no problem! I had my doubts, but let me tell you, the frame is SOLID, they not only met but exceeded my expectations, and to top it off, I got measured for the bike 12/14/2003 and was riding it 12/29/2003!!! No kidding, they made my frame and my shop got it built in 15 days!

What are you riding?
Ken Taraszka, MD
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